The City Cooperative Development Office (CCDO) is a local government office primarily responsible for the formulation and implementation of the City’s cooperative development programs. Before its creation, cooperative services were provided under the Cooperatives Services Division of the City Agriculturist Office. At present, it is one of the City’s service departments created by virtue of City Ordinance No. 038 signed by the City Mayor Benjamin de Guzman on October 1, 1999 and operationalized in 2000. CCDO, as a department, provides, developmental services to cooperatives in the area of cooperative promotion, pre-organizational and registration assistance, enterprise development, institutional development and continuing cooperative information and education, and monitoring compliance to regulatory requirements of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA). Under the priority thrusts of the present administration, CCDO finds it niches in the areas, i.e., Poverty Alleviation and Education, with cooperatives as vehicles of socio-economic development, and people empowerment through cooperatives’ continuing education.

CCDO’ services through technical guidance/assistance (TG/TA) are provided under the following programs/project:

  • Cooperative Financial Assistance Program (CFAP)
  • Comprehensive Cooperative Training and Development Program (CCTDP)
  • Promotion and Organizational Development Program
  • Livelihood Enterprise and Skills
  • Monitoring Services
  • Linkage and Networking (Facilitates/coordinates support services)
  • Cooperative LGU-active Partnership (CLAP) Awards

The City Cooperative Development Office  is located at 3rd floor, City Hall Annex Building, 113 A. Pichon St., Davao City. You may contact them through (082) 225-0305 and (082) 225-1346.